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Not so long ago, only introverts and geeks were enjoying the use of computers as they traveled the world of internet looking for a date; looking for love. But today, hopeless romantics of all ages, geek or not have found that there’s no other place in the world worth goin’ except the World Wide Web.

Internet dating sites are ever-increasing, and everyone seems to be joining, hoping that one day they’ll also find a man or woman who would give them the contentment and happiness in life. Some have even dreamt of becoming millionaires through this. Though the world of the internet dating claims to have help thousands of people find their soul mates, some users have also been discouraged to use it as a means of discovering their counterparts due to the fact that online dating has cause misfortune to other people’s lives.

One example of this misfortune is the case of a 53 year old Producer Carole Markin who claimed that he was raped by Allan Paul Wurtzel right in her living room. The man denied the accusation saying the he had her consent to do have sexual intercourse with her. This incident has caused her to file a suit against asking them to screen all their members; old or new.

In contrast, there have been thousands of safety guidelines over the internet about these cyberspace dating sites, before anyone nod to go out and meet their dates, it is crucial that they too screen their potential date through goggle just to be sure they are eying for the right candidate. If you can find your way out, spend the night out with someone you have met in the net, wouldn’t you at least have the time to spend a few minutes checking his name out in the internet?

Since not all users and not all online dating sites are utilizing some kind of identity verifications, members can easily lie with their names  and age. It is therefore advisable to at least have someone know where you are going and call them as soon as you arrived home. Looks can be deceiving and so are words, people lie a lot; therefore you must always be skeptical.

But, no matter how cautious you are, at times, even people who have lived as husband and wife discover that their partners are complete strangers when it comes to love and lust.

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