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Are you tired of waiting for your man/woman to finally knock and come in your doorstep? Have you been around these online dating sites for ages and yet still unsure whether there’s someone there waiting for you?

Today, sob no more because I have extra ordinary samples of how your profile should be in any of those good dating sites.

Sample #1

I am HAPPY with my life and I need someone to share my HAPPINESS with!

Here’s what you gotta know about me: I love traveling, mountain/volcano trekking as much as I love COOKING (the best Italian and Mexican food), and interior decorating. I have been INDEPENDENT since I was 16. A man who can love what I love is a great thing BUT there’s always no harm on trying….let’s be friends and take out the pressure.

Sample #2

Lost and Found SMILE

I have been told many times that my best charm is my KILLER SMILE but that smile went somewhere else and I just couldn’t find it; and so I am posting this for everyone to see. Someone may have found it somewhere and I do have a SKETCH of how and what he is: He is about 5’9” or taller who is about 30 to 45 years old. He appreciates  good foods  and loves eating spaghetti while watching movies like THOR; He loves to rock but prefers peace most of the times. He has got these blue eyes that everyone admires. He is intelligent and independent and most importantly, dedicated. I am offering a lifetime commitment with kisses from head to toes, massage that will make you doze and special Filipino foods that will make you regret why you have not read this post earlier.

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