Gay Teenagers Dating Site

If there are teen online dating sites, should there also be gay online dating sites and gay teen chat sites?

If there is, then I would want to know which sites are those.

How can anyone initiate to even create a site for underage people to date? I mean let’s face it, what is there to talk about when you find yourself in a dating room for gays? Are you not going to talk about sex in general? Of course you are, not to mention of course that there could be forums and message boards where any one can post anything such as how did you learn you are a gay, when was the first time you’ve ever kiss your crush.

It is not that being gay or being underage that is underrated, it is just a matter of time before anyone can get involved in such issues. Being sexually predisposed at an early age is crucial; this might end up a huge impediment someday.

The truth is if there are exclusive dating sites for teen (and it doesn’t matter if it’s for gays or not), then it would only here for sometime, for it will all be taken advantage by beast and swindlers whose goal is to do only harm.

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