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Disadvantages of a free internet dating site

Free dating websites magnetize all kinds of trash including people who are banned from high standard of services.

You get what you paid for, right?

Free seems too much to be good, and yes it is since it is free there aren’t enough personnel to take care of their members.

Scammers can get in without trouble.

Free dating sites make money from their ads and so member will have these ads right in front of their face while checking profiles and things like that. Don’t you think it’s frustrating?

What else?

Do you ever wonder why you are receiving SPAM? The thing is, these free sites get their revenue by selling your emails, so don’t be too surprised if you receive spam emails everyday.

If you are a man, don’t you think it’s better to meet a woman who can takes care of herself? Not a woman who is just there to find someone who can give her extra bucks for her rent.

If you are a woman don’t you think it is best to find a man spending $30 to $50 a month for subscription? At least you would know he’s got a job and paying his own bill, right?

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