Fine Dining Vocabulary

Ok. So a guy asked you out for a date. The venue  is a fine dining restaurant that you have visited so many times in your dreams. Then you have swiped your card in exchange of the stunning formal gown from that high end boutique, matched with the strappy stilettos you have been craving for. After which you pampered yourself with a spa and had your body scrubbed with the finest milk. You put on your make up and slipped on your dress. But there is a problem though. Mayday! Mayday! That is what your brain screams. You have not tried fining dining. You might be overwhelmed with so many unknown viands in the menu or the wine that seems to be written in an alien language.

Well, worry not. Here is a fine dining lexicon that can help you in one way or another:

Beurre Blanc. bər-ˈbläⁿ) French term for white butter. Hot butter sauce emulsified with vinegar, white wine and grey onions

Coulis. (kü-ˈlē) Jam-like sauce made from pureed fruits or vegetables

Creme Fraiche. (ˈkrem-ˈfresh) A less viscous version of sour cream used as toppings and in sauces

Entree. (AHN-tray) The dish preceding the main course.

Gaufrette. (goh-FREHT) Waffled wafers that are thin and fan shaped

Gorgonzola. (gȯr-gən-ˈzō-lə) A blue cheese of pungent smell

Gruyère. (grü-ˈyer) A firm, yellow, sweet but slightly salty cheese that grows holes as it ages

Hollandaise. (hä-lən-ˈdāz) Light yellow, opaque and creamy egg yolk and butter emulsion

Tuille. (ˈtwēl) Thin, crispy, sweet tasting wafer or cookie consisting of cheese or dough

Mesclun. (ˈmes-klən) A type of salad with assorted young green leaves

Mignonette. (min-yə-ˈnet) A condiment with onion, vinegar and pepper for raw oysters

Vinaigrette. (vi-ni-ˈgret) An olive oil and vinegar combination with herbs and spices for flavor used as salad dressing

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