Amanpulo – The Orient’s Hidden Paradise

The Philippines is world renowned for its beaches. Clear water. Fine white sand. Rejuvenating sun. This is like heaven on earth. If you search this archipelago, one will be enchanted with the sight of more paradise.


Amanpulo, translated as peaceful island,  is one haven where one’s eyes will feast and mouth will water. The pristine skies welcome you with open arms. Every grain of sand in its shore will enliven each nerve in your body. A dip in its clear waters will calm the exhausted soul. The sun will breathe a new life in you.

This paradise silently screams of luxurious seclusion. The serenity you have been searching for can be felt in its very core. Idyllic bliss with nature is overflowing.

This is an ideal place to celebrate love. The romantic ambiance by the shore can light some more passion between two hearts in love. The sea offers limitless bonding moments as the couple enjoys the sights underwater.

As the sun sets at the end of a fulfilling day, pamper yourself some more with a spa massage together with your beloved. The soothing and calming effect will bring you to hiatus as you look forward to another moment to witness the sunrise.

Without a doubt, Amanpulo is a worthwhile experience. It is made more meaningful if you embrace the Orient’s hidden paradise with the one you love.

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