A Date with Superman

I came across this video and suddenly I smiled at the thought that once upon a time, I became obsessed with finding him. Well, not literally. I searched for him in every man I met. Exhausted, I became. But I never had the luck of getting a close encounter with my Superman.

So what’s with him? Physically, he seems almost perfect. Pretty face. Good stance. A smile that can melt your heart. Who wouldn’t desire to be with that kind of guy? He is sensible. He has a pure heart. He surprises a lot of people with what he can do. He never hesitated to fight for the person he loves even if could mean losing in the end. He could sweep any woman’s feet.

I was imagining, “What if he was real?” Our date could be somewhere in the stratosphere, I guess. We can even go to the most chaotic place and not worry about our safety. We can zoom to different places in the world and have a grand time.

Reality bites, though. This guy does not exist in real life. In Hollywood, yes! But not in my day to day struggles in life. There are no men who have perfect looks. Only men who can make you feel beautiful There are no men who have his abilities. Only men who are able to make you feel good about yourself. There are no men who can  bring you to the farthest point in the atmosphere. Only men who believe that you can fly higher. There are no perfect men. Only  imperfect men who can love you perfectly.

I used to believe that a date with Superman will make me complete. But I realized that at the end of the day, being with someone real and who will whisper in your ear, “I’m here” is even better than dating Superman.

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